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Amanda’s favorite things

I will add to this page as Amanda keeps growing.

- 8 months old, she likes:

  • Baby TV is her favorite thing.
  • Being held is probably her second favorite thing.
  • Swinging in the swings.
  • Her doll Ivana.
  • She likes being read books, they can’t have more than 2-3 lines per page because she gets bored!
  • Playing piano and pocket pond in the Ipad.
  • Being walked around in her stroller.
  • Touching flowers and watching them as they move with the breeze.
  • Looking at lights out the window at night.

- 12 months old, she likes:

  • Walks in her EasyS stroller
  • Still loves Baby TV and Dora The Explorer in small doses
  • Likes bubbles and books
  • Plays with Animals, Laser Lights, Pocket Pond, and Piano in Ipad
  • Loves going out and riding in her van
  • When we count to 3 and open her mouth she “speaks” and smiles

- 16 months old, she likes:

  • LOVES Dora, still likes Baby TV
  • Plays in her Ipad for over an hour
  • Likes to sit in her tumble form chair
  • Is more aware of her surroundings when out and about and doesn’t need her DVD as much
  • After starting Vivonex she has started to move her legs (with slings), feet, wrists, neck and shoulder a little bit

- 20 months old, she likes:

  • Discovered Mickey Mouse Playhouse and loves it
  • Has started to watch movies, so far she has seen Nemo, Tinkerbell, Tangled and Barbie’s 3 Musketeers
  • Paints with her arms hanging from her slings and markers taped to her hand

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  1. Titi Hernandez says:

    Queridos Marce y Juandi,

    Quiero que sepan que son personas como ustedes los que logran milagros en esta vida. Personas valientes, con una dinamica increible y mucho amor para dar. Dios sabe a quien nombrar como guias para los que somos debiles y no entendemos la razon por la cual venimos al mundo aprendamos de ellos y seamos mejores personas.

    Yo les quiero dar las gracias por enseƱarme el verdadero valor del amor y la humildad a traves de sus experiencias de alegria y sufrimiento con la hermosa Amanda. Hoy me dio cuenta que todos tenemos que seder para recibir y que somos muchos los bendecidos pero pocos lo que apreciamos.

    Que Dios los guarde siempre y les regale muchos dias maravillosos con Amanda, porque a traves de ella estan demostrandole al mundo lo incondicional y lo lindo que es el amor cuando se siente de verdad.

    Los quiero y admiro muchismo!
    Slds, Titi

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