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For Carnivals we stayed home with Amanda as it is actually a perfect time to take her out because the city is pretty much deserted.  I remember this time last year Amanda had just gotten out of the Hospital from Aspiration Pneumonia and we didn’t even have her special medical stroller or her van which allows us to get her out of the house.  So much has changed, in good and bad ways–more good actually.  The good is that we have gotten Amanda out and she has experienced so much even with all her limitations which are a great lot, but by focusing on what she CAN do we have been able to fill her life with fun experiences.  We are also much more familiar with all her machines and feel more prepared to manage her.  Bad part is how much weaker she is respiratory wise compared to a year ago.  But the important part, is that she is a happy baby :)

Starting Saturday my mind started to wander and wander what it was that we would do with her.  Luckily she isn’t too demanding and just getting her in the van and out is an adventure for her.  So, we put on her jeggins and big girl top, grabbed Dora and headed to the mall.  We had lunch while she watched Baby TV in her Ipad.  Then we went shopping for a present for her friend Mateo who was born last week.  She was pretty serious (she didn’t like it when I turned off the Ipad) until I showed her girls clothes and she finally smiled, how could I not get her a dress with that smile?

I have jeggins too!

Present for Maeto...boys clothes=BORING!

Now we're talking, this is much much better :)


We then walked around the mall and in the Hermes store there was a plush horse that I was showing to her, my mom’s friend who works there asked us to walk in and she grabbed the horse for Amanda to see and touch.  She loved it… we joked that we will ask grandpa to get it for Amanda (yeah right, it was 500.00!!!)

Pretty plush horse.


Hmm, ok no horse, so what else are we buying?

Sunday we decided to go to the Causeway for lunch and a walk.  Unfortunately it started pouring and we weren’t able to take her for a walk (perfect excuse to go again soon!), but instead we went shopping–again– for the first movie we would all watch together the next day.  Amanda loves TV but all she has watched so far are short episodes but never a movie.  We got Nemo and Tinkerbell!  That night Amanda fell asleep earlier than usual, Causeway and mall were quite a lot activities for her.

Loving the summer!

Movie shopping!

Daddy trying out new camera lens...

All set! Nemo and Tinkerbell :)

Picture at the fountain.

Monday we went to the Terrace at Club Union where kids aren’t allowed but a little begging from daddy and smiles from Amanda convinced the guy to let us in…we were the only people there which was really nice.  After she woke up from her nap we walked to a nearby park for some pictures and a view of the ocean.  Panama’s heat is insane and Amanda was not too happy, maybe it was the heat or maybe she was just cranky/tired after her nap.  Then at night we settled Amanda in our room to watch Nemo and she loved it!  She babbled and smiled until she finally fell asleep; she watched about and hour and a half of the movie with no complaints.  I love watching her fall asleep while watching TV or reading books.

This is the life...

I'm upset, no more pictures!

Super hot @ the park...

Watching Nemo with mommy and daddy in their bed ; )

Tuesday everything was closed so guess what, we went again to the mall to the same place we usually go eat.  They know us by now, so they take us to “our” table and are really nice to us.  It has a terrace and it’s never too crowded so it works for us.  We wanted to do one more thing at the mall but the store was closed, so we will do that soon hopefully–it’s a surprise!





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  1. Teacher Maecy says:

    I want to go on those adventures with you guys!!!
    Amanda good job on being a big girl! Keep demanding retail therapy, it’s the most fun a girl can have!! :-)

    love you!

  2. Leslie Cammuso says:

    I am praying for Amanda’s continued recovery. She is such a little angel and you both are incredible parents. I stay in touch about her progress through Juan Carlos, and hope to meet Amanda one day. Much Love, Leslie Cammuso

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