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Amanda is 1.5 yrs old!

Yes, Amanda is getting bigger, smarter and demanding.  She turned 18 months on February 10th and we sang her Happy Birthday with a cake on Sunday.  She is getting bigger by the minute, she looks so big and grown up sitting in her Tumble Forms chair.  5 months ago when we first sat her her feet wouldn’t reach the bed/floor, now they almost do!  I always wonder what she would look like if she didn’t have SMA, and looking at her sitting down kind of gives me a picture (minus the Bipap).

Even though SMA does not affect the brain, it is hard to teach things to Amanda as she can’t respond or make much gestures that she is ‘getting it’; all she has is her big expressive eyes.  So, when she was sitting I tried asking her to recognize the people in the room, and she did right away, I didn’t even need to ask twice!  I asked her: “Amanda, where is nanny?” and she looked to the right, then “Amanda where is nurse Sonia?” and she looked to the left, and: “Where is mommy?” and she looked right into my eyes!  Then I started wondering what Amanda thought about two of her nurses being named Sonia, so when the next Sonia came I had them both at each sides and I asked her: “Amanda where is Sonia?, and she looked to the left and immediately to the right…isn’t she brilliant?  I wanted to squeeze her!

Of course I know who everybody is, what did you all think, huh?


Looking gorgeous for my visitors


Happy 1.5 Birthday to me!


I've got some crazy, cute cousins.

Mommy cuddles are the best...

After the cake we went to swing and play.





We also had some visitors this weekend :)

With aunt Lilia and Bea!


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