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Enjoying the Holidays

Amanda doesn’t really grasp the meaning of Christmas yet, but she sure enjoys seeing lights and going to celebrations where she sees people and listens to music.  And we sure enjoy dressing her up, seeing her absorbing the world around her, and having some family memories to build up and look back to forever.

On December 8th we celebrated Mother’s Day and we went to Amanda’s godmother’s home for brunch.  Lately we don’t even have to use Amanda’s DVD or Ipad to entertain her when we are out and about.  She stays happily and calmly in her stroller observing everything and everyone around her.  Her cousins would come up and talk and dance around her.  She also likes observing people eat…I don’t think she has the desire to eat by mouth, or at least she hasn’t shown any signs of that.  When I give her tastes of yogurt she doesn’t really care for it.

Then, on December 15th we were invited to a Posada at our building’s social area.  It was a really nice event where kids were given cookies and milk to give to Santa instead of receiving gifts for themselves.  The goal was to teach them the importance of giving.  Amanda didn’t really stay much as there were way to many people, sick kids and on top of that it started to rain.  However, she did get to see the decorations and took a picture with Santa :)

Christmas decorations!

Everything was so pretty!

Hey Santa, I've been good so get me one SMN1 gene!

My tree and train!

Friday night Valentina and Marifer came to our home to see our tree and the train my parents got for Amanda.  Amanda was putting on her PJs and Marifer helped with cleaning her and putting mosturizer while Amanda smiled at all this attention–Marifer also wanted to dress her, but that’s when we had to intervene :) !


Marifer cleaning Amanda's face

Putting mosturizer on

So serious!


Saturday night we drove Amanda around the city to see Christmas lights!


On Sunday we went to the Cardoze’s family Christmas barbeque party.  She took pictures, listened to music, saw lights and observed people eat.  Again, no need for additional entertainment, just seeing people is fun for Amanda.  Amanda is very social, when people come up and talk to her she inspects them thoroughly and sometimes smiles or just keeps looking; she has never gone through that phase of seeing strange people and crying.  Upon leaving the party, Amanda had a special dance with daddy where he turned around her stroller as they danced together :)

With Luciana, Olivia and Amanda Kelly!

FEATURED: Meli. Amanda's super special funny aunt who wanted to take this opportunity and hopefully become famous! Here's your moment of stardom Meli, hope you enjoy it :)

Dancing with Daddy!

With la Tuti!


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  1. Cristi says:

    Marce, viste logré meterme : ) Qué bella está Amanda y qué maravilla todas las cosas que han hecho para xmas y en general!! La verdad es que ella sí es super social y observadora de todo lo que le rodea. Qué honor que Oli made it on your blog! Le voy a enseñar la foto, va a estar fascinada : ) Buenísimas todas las fotos. Un abrazo!!!

  2. Diva Donado says:

    Estimados esposos Juan y Marcela Cardoze.
    Damos gracias a Dios por padres tan esforzados y valientes.
    Somos pastores y creemos en la sanidad divina. Estamos orando para que Dios traiga completa sanidad a la preciosa Amanda. Ella es un bendición de Dios.
    Saludos, Fabio y Diva Donado

  3. Xania Botello says:

    Señores Juan y Marcela Cardoze:

    Hace unos días pude leer la historia de Amanda en la revista En Exclusiva de Banco General. Las historias de Valy, Angie, Amanda al igual que la de mi hijo Francisco Javier son impactantes porque muestran como la voluntad de vivir y la fé en Dios permiten que aún, en circunstancias adversas, los niños salgan adelante. Todas ellas tienen en común: niños valientes, padres perseverantes,
    mucho amor, actitud positiva y la esperanza de un mejor futuro.

    Al igual que ustedes mi esposo Juan y yo recibimos un diagnóstico difícil (sindrome del cromosoma 8) del cual poco se conoce y que ocurre 1 en 2 millones de niños. Hoy día Francisco tiene 6 años y asiste a kinder.

    Sigan luchando por la pequeña Amanda porque como ven, por encima de cualquier diagnóstico está la voluntad de Dios y ya Amanda va rumbo a sus 2 años.

    Que Dios los bendiga.

    Xania Botello de Trejos

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