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Theater, Therapy and More.

When I was in high school Steps, the dance school I went to, was my second home…even after high school and even now I still go there for different reasons.  This year they celebrated their 25 years and the theme for their end of year presentation was The 25 Years of Steps.  They invited alumns to dance but unfortunately I couldn’t make the commitment to be away from home in so many rehearsals.  Teacher Maecy, who also lived in Steps like me, had the great idea to take Amanda to one of the rehearsals at the theater to see the dances, lights, costumes, hear the music and enjoy.  She is very observant so we knew she would like it.  We couldn’t really take her to the last rehearsal where mostly everything is ready because Steps has about 700 students and that would have been crazy!  It was also Teacher’s day so we got Amanda ready, she picked up Maecy’s present put the bag around her shoulder and off to the theater we went.  The rehearsal was late but she did get to see a few things and she was smiling and observing the whole thing :)

With Maecy's present :)

At Atlapa

The dancers!

Maecy has been coming for therapy like usual.  She claims Amanda made a cat sound when she asked her to…we need to work on this so she does it all the time!

Amanda has been as cute as always, so here are a few pictures from lately…

Getting beans all over!!

Being silly

Cuddles are the best.


Moving and observing my hand!

Hanging around at a birthday party!


Sleep over at mommy and daddy's room...

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  1. Victoria says:

    This is so wonderful. How nice of the school and how fun for Amanda. I love all these pictures — Amanda is getting so BIG! She looks beautiful!!!

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