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My Birthday Weekend

Last year for my birthday we were in Baltimore-Johns Hopkins receiving the horrible news about Amanda.  We were supposed to be back in Panama for my birthday, but we decided to stay there a few more days to process the information we had been given before having to face everyone back at home.  We went for the day to Washington DC, I had a birthday cake at the Embassy, then we went for lunch and a walk around Georgetown University.  Even though we were really aching inside, I am grateful we got to do that with Amanda.  It was one of the few times we were able to travel with her (the other one was going to Stanford), have lunch and walk around without so many equipment and without her choking all the time.  It was a pretty much sad trip, but Amanda was and looked still so healthy, she did not need any equipment and she was still eating by mouth just like any baby.  Looking back at that day makes me cry but it also makes me smile because traveling with her is something we did get to do, even though she was 2 months and will never remember it, we will never forget it.

At the Embassy

Sleeping at the restaurant

At Georgetown

Back at Baltimore

This year I wasn’t really planning on doing anything special for my birthday but my sister-in-law decided that my 30th birthday wasn’t going to go unnoticed.  She planned a NYC style birthday party at my parents apartment, arranged decorations, hired a bartender, and cooked everything! My wonderful husband, my mom and my other sister-in-law also worked hard to make this party a success.  And wow, it was so much fun, we danced and sang till 5:30am!  I know this website is about Amanda but a few me is ok I guess, so here are a few pictures!

Welcome to NYC


Central Park

Broadway (the banner had lights!)

On Saturday for my actual birthday I wanted to go somewhere with Amanda but somebody was not feeling well from so much partying (Juandi), so we took it easy and on Sunday I bathed with Amanda in the tub (this time she was able to move her arms and legs, we were so surprised!), we took her out for lunch at the mall and then walked around.  We went to a store and Amanda got to see Christmas trees and lights.  I feel blessed to have had 2 birthdays with my baby girl.

She was sleeping when we got to the restaurant

She smiled when we passed by this store.

Mommy got me a Christmas pijamas while daddy showed me the Christmas trees!


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  1. Victoria Strong says:

    What a wonderful weekend! One to remember! Happy, happy 30th Marcela.

  2. Cheny says:

    No! of course your birthday was not going to pass unnoticed!!! I’was not going to allowed it.
    I’m very happy you liked your party and that you had a very happy weekend with Mandy.

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