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Amanda Update…

Amanda is off antibiotics and her ear is clear.  We have been noticing however that she has bad mucus plugs almost daily and we find ourselves using the ambu bag and oxygen way more often.  She had a few months were she was barely needing them, but over the past two weeks it seems like she has been regressing.  It could be that she is just getting weaker, which is expected in SMA, or it could be discomfort and tiredness because of teething…who knows!  The not so bad part is that we are more well prepared and trained to handle her than at the very beginning.  I can’t believe all this is getting to be our normal daily life.

Moving on to the fun stuff, last week Amanda’s first cousin Ximena had her birthday party and Amanda came for a little while.  There was time for a photo shoot with all the girls from the Cardoze family and we all had a great time.

With the Bday girl



On Sunday we went to Amanda’s godmother’s house to sing Happy Birthday to Victoria and Diego.  Nicolas, Amanda’s 4 year old cousin, was so cute, he brought her a pillow and balloons.  He made her a drawing and was very eager to be with her.

Then, this past Monday Amanda was invited to a party in our building…as you can see this little girl has quite an active social life :)

In spite of the bad things, there are so many good things going on with Amanda: she got her tumble form chair, switch adapted toys, and she has been learning so much with Teacher Maecy.  Pictures and videos will be coming soon!

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