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Parties, getting better and snuggles

Last week when Amanda wasn’t sick she went to two birthday parties for a little while.  For the first one she had to dress up as character from Toy Story, but she went as a ballerina :) .  She came in really early and observed all the decorations and examined the other kids.  The next day we went to another birthday, this time, Amanda observed a little bit but basically went to the party to take a nap…I did have a good time though :)

Juanma's birthday party

With Marifer

With Lucas and Carlos Gabriel

With Victoria who also came as a ballerina!

At Charlies birthday party



Regarding Amanda’s health she has ups and downs.  No more fever but sometimes she is in pain and cries.  We think her ears are hurting.  Also, yesterday she had her synagis (RSV) shot (I know, bad timing) but she needed it, and perhaps that was also bothering her.  Yesterday she had this moments when she would be sad and cry and then happy and then in pain again.  So after she was in her PJs I held her like I usually do every night but instead of walking with her around I went to my bed and sang to her while she rested in my shoulder.  It was such a great feeling, she was so calm and relaxed.  I thought she would be bored and request to be walked around, but she just stayed quietly listening to me.  I stopped singing a few times to see what she would do and she did complain, so I complied, sang and had an overdose of snuggles.  I really hate SMA, but it does have something positive: you can snuggle, cuddle and hug as much as you want without your baby trying to get away!


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