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I will post details pictures and videos of Amanda’s birthday on a different post.  Now, I will update on the stuff she has been doing the last couple of days.

Holding an SMA baby/kid can be challenging because their heads need to be facing to the sides so they don’t choke on their saliva, and they can´t sit up because it makes it harder for them to breathe. Also, they are hooked to machines for most of the day.  I usually hold Amanda over my right shoulder with her head to the side and she loves it.  The downside is that I have to go to a mirror to look at her face, and well, it would be nice to hold her and have her look at me!  So, the other day I tried holding her so that she could look at me and we both loved it!  We looked so comfy and cute that daddy was jealous and decided to try it too!  Getting off the chair was a bit tough but practice makes perfect, so we have been practicing our new cuddling position :)


They don't look as cute as we did!!! :)

On weekends we try to get her into the tub because she doesn’t have Physical Therapy and we have more time, plus daddy is here to help.  So, she wore a new bikini and off to swim she went.  For the first time she started to choke while in the water but we had the suction machine right there and her nurse suctioned whithout having to take her out.  It is stressful because she doesn’t have her pulse oximeter when she´s in the tub and we have to look at the color of her face to see how bad/good she is doing vs just having the monitor tell us how she is.  It wasn’t a bad choke so after a little suctioning we were able to continue with the fun.


I'm sorry but I am the prettiest girl ever!



Last Sunday we spent the day at my parents apartment with Valentina and Maria Fernanda.  We had lunch, watched TV, and napped (Marifer woke everyone up at least twice).  It was a very relaxing day.

On Monday Amanda was invited to a ballerina birthday party where everyone had to wear a tutu, but daddy said she couldn’t go because it was at an enclosed place and it wasn’t worth the risk of her getting sick, I couldn’t make up my mind on what to do so we followed daddy’s advice.  Regardless, she wore her tutu (sent to her by Victoria Strong, Gwendolyn’s mommy) and a ballerina body that her godmother gave her before she was born.  We had a super cute photo shoot with her cousins.


G's mommy also sent me a princess crown.


Holding on to my crown

All three cousins with tutus

On Tuesday Carla Mae was finally able to come and they had lots of fun doing bubbles, learning body parts, singing, putting her feet on rice, and just being silly.  Carla Mae gave her a Mr. Potato head as her birthday present and she loved him!  All three of them put on their sunglasses for a picture!

This was Amanda’s last day as just being months old!  It feels bittersweet so see her growing so fast!


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  1. Nicolás y Madrina says:

    Gracias por invitarme a Buenaventura y a tu cumpleaños te quiero mucho! Feliz cumpleaños! eso y ya jajajja y mi foto favorita es la de los lentes y el señor patata

    besos, Nico

  2. Marivi says:

    Es una belleza Marce! Me encanta leer sobre todas las aventuras de Amanda!!!

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