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Out and About

I need to start by saying it again: the EasyS Stroller and the handicap converted van have dramatically changed our lives.  I owe all this to my father; money certainly can’t buy happiness or health but it can make things a bit easier :) …Insurance is helping a bit too!

This week Amanda visited her pneumologist and pediatrician and she is thankfully doing great.  For some reason she cries and cries with her pneumologist but has a better time with her pediatrician!  She’s beginning to show preferences I guess.  Then on Tuesday I took Amanda to Juanmi’s 1st Bday party at Monique’s home.  I actually thought it was only going to be 10 babies, like Monique had said (I think she purposely didn’t mention that there was another kid celebrating his bday as well and that there would be a lot more kids so that I would go!), but there were tons of other kids!  It was good that we went though, we broke the ice a bit and I realized Amanda can interact with bigger crowds.  I always keep her on Bipap while we are out, it is such a stress reliever to know that she will not choke.  If she cries she doesn’t de-saturate and she barely needs suctioning.  Perhaps as we get more comfortable taking her out we can start to remove Bipap.

With the Birthday boy

Notice my fashionable red shoes please

Amanda’s friend Gretel and her mom found this tiny sunglasses with UV protection and got them for Amanda.  When I tried them on she instantly smiled; then she held to them for a while.  The next day we took Amanda for a walk around the neighborhood with her new shades.  I thought she would mind having them on, but she was really happy!  We met with Valentina and she also tried the sunglasses.

Loving my shades...

: )

Around the hood!

What's up Valen, wanna try my new shades?


I am so cute!

Oh, and last but not least, Carla Mae is finally better, so she came to play with Amanda.  They really enjoyed themselves together!


Love my bubbles








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  1. Juan Carlos Vallarino says:

    wow! que buena semana!! los extrano y quiero mucho!! felicidades a Amanda en sus 11 meses!!! Les mando un abrazo a los tres!!

  2. Monique says:

    jajajajajaja!!! Hay amiga que bien me conoces!!! Me encanto que llevaras a Amanda el cumple de Juanmi. Que belleza como veia a la payasita!!!!!

  3. Carla Mae says:

    Amandaaaa!!! Que sopa contigo? Por que en mi paquetito de cumpleaños no habian unos lentes asi?


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