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Busy day: Bath tub, Mall and Uncle’s place

Up until Amanda was about 6 months old we bathed her in the usual little tub almost all babies use.  But as she started to grow and not tolerate head movement because of issues with controlling her secretions the tub started to become dangerous and very stressful for us.  We didn’t have bath tubs in our previous apartment, so the only solution I found was putting a reclining chair on top of a table inside of the shower.  This worked really great and still does; she looks at stuff we put on the walls and loves her bath.  The downside, however, is that she isn’t submerged in the water which is good for SMA as it allows for more movement.  A lot of SMA kids do water therapy.  Luckily, the new apartment does have a bath tub in my bathroom, so today we tried it!  I was very nervous because she is usually with her head to the side so that her saliva can flow out of her mouth and I didn’t know if she would choke.  I was also scared she wouldn’t like feeling of the water like that and cry…and we know that crying can also cause a choking episode.  So, we brought ambu bag, O2 and suction in case there was an emergency, but there wasn’t!  She absolutely loved it!  She was smiling the whole time and was able to move her arms and legs a bit :)

Here is a video of Amanda in the bathtub




Loving it!

We wanted to go to the Summit (a park with lots of animals in the city) but it was raining, so we decided to go to the mall instead.  We went at around 11:30 am hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded, but of course it was.  We stayed anyway and went to Sanborns for lunch and then walked Amanda around the stores.  Some of her cousins heard she was at the mall and they immediately showed up!  Amanda loves to ride in her stroller and the van, as soon as we stop she starts to complain…she certainly knows how to get what she wants!


Cousins from Cardoze side of the family being crazy

Ready to shop! (window shopping really, but that's ok)


With Diego, the oldest of my cousins.

Smiling for the camera!


Going home!




After the mall, we relaxed a bit at home and then went up to my brother’s apartment to say goodbye to my other brother who is leaving to NYC for work.  Marifer, Amanda and Valentina took pictures wearing the same outfit.  Amanda was asleep for the pictures…lots of stuff today and she was tired.

Being able to take Amanda places, go for lunch with our baby, share with family, etc makes us feel a little bit normal.  The pain I feel knowing Amanda has SMA and her life with us is limited gets a little bit more bearable when we get to do stuff with her.  We think she had lots of fun and so did us!


Cousins from the Vallarino side of the family!








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  1. Denisse Vega says:

    Marcela, que bueno el video del bathtub! Estaba feliz!! Los felicito por estar haciendo tantas cosas con ella!! Un abrazo

  2. Marivi says:

    Marce que bello ese video y que bueno que haya disfrutado!!! Un beso

  3. Caro Estripeaut says:

    Marce que belleza!!! So glad Amand is out and about!! … y se ve que es acuatica jajaja

  4. Carla Mae says:

    heyyyy!!! yo tambien tengo bikini! Avisen pa la proxima!

  5. Zanyita says:

    Que Rico Marce! Estaba feliz! Identica a Crisolito!

  6. Alejandra Ibarguen says:

    Que belleza con su bikini!! Marcelita y Juandi son los mejores papas!! De verdad que con tanto amor y dedicacion, Amanda la pasa feliz!!

    un besito a los tres!!!

  7. Cristiana Lacayo says:

    Marcela! Te felicitio por el blog sobre tu hija! Son unos excelentes padres y muchas bendiciones! Un Abrazo

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