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Amanda seems to have a cold

I have been sleeping with Amanda since Saturday–I did not leave Juandi, it’s just that her nanny is sick and we don’t like her sleeping by herself.  Saturday and Sunday she slept through the night and all was good, but Monday night she cried almost through the whole night and finally ended up waking up at 6am.  During her respiratory treatment she was a bit junky and seemed down; her saliva was very thick.  Her bath seemed to bring her energy back, but since she wasn’t looking 100% I canceled her daily Physical Therapy.  After her nap, when off BiPAP, and during her respiratory therapy she was desaturating and she had more than normal secretions coming out from her nose.

After her treatment she was still complaining and I laid in her bed next to her to watch TV; after a few minutes I looked at her and she had fallen asleep–this just never happens, falling asleep when the TV is on?  This means she was really tired, poor thing.  I put her BiPAP on and she slept a few more hours.  The rest of the day I left her with BiPAP on, and after her night respiratory treatment she immediately fell asleep again.  She has been complaining a bit while asleep so I gave her some tylenol to help her.  Tomorrow we have an appointment with her pulmonologist to see what’s going on.  Hope she recovers soon.  When she’s off BiPAP she is just not able to breathe comfortably.


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  1. Teresa says:

    I hope Amanda feels better soon. Hugs and kisses for Amanda.

  2. Carla Mae says:

    Amanda, te extraño!! Te mando un cantito de “pom.. pom… pooooom” para que te mejores pronto y nos podamos ver! :-)

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