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New Therapy for Amanda

It turns out a good friend of mine from ballet is an excellent stimulation therapist and she has seen 2 Type 1 kids while she was studying, (Carla Mae explain your degree, its too complicated for me to remember the exact title!!).  She has come to see Amanda 3 times and so far so good.  Amanda is still getting used to the new face who comes to play with her, but I think she’s experiencing so many new things that she is loving it more and more.  Carla Mae wants to teach Amanda a few things: learn to ask for things, (in her own way of course since she most likely will never be able to speak), teach her some vocabulary, teach her to recognize different sounds and images, and many more things, but those were the most important for me.  Carla Mae really clicks with children, she has soooo much patience and the songs she makes up are really cute (they stick in my head for days and nights!).

Thanks to this therapy Amanda has already learned that she can actually ask for things!  The first time she realized that this new lady was actually understanding and communicating with her she could just not believe it.  She would look at me, and her eyes would say mommy look, this crazy lady gets me!!!!  Here’s a video of part of the therapy.  Thank you Carla Mae : )

Amanda in therapy


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  1. Tia Flower says:

    Muero con los ojitos mirando las maraquitas!!! y la risa cuando arranco todo otra vez!!!!
    Q priti, se ve que Amanda esta disfrutando monton su terapia. HAT!!! Me super emocione.

    PD: Yo tambien quede tarareando la cancion!!

  2. Giovanni A. Spirito Maduro says:

    Increíble, esto es una belleza! Lo más importante es que Amanda se ve feliz!

  3. Carla Mae says:

    It is my pleasure! Amanda is truly a wonderful little girl. She has so much eagerness to learn and discover new things! I am very proud of her.

    My degree: Early Intervention and Developmental Therapy
    Estimulacion Temprana e Intervenciones del Desarrollo


  4. Teresa says:

    Carla Mae and Amanda make a great team! Carla Mae’s understanding of the kids’ needs and her communication with them is remarkable.

  5. Patty says:

    Marce que video tan lindo, es muy enriquecedor verlo, me provoca mucha alegria! Es una nina preciosa, con todas las ganas del mundo. Carla Mae eres una divina tambien, tengo en mi cabeza el ritmito de las maracas! =)

  6. Maria Alejandra says:

    Que belleza Marce, se nota que Amanda lo está disfrutando millón! Se ve súper feliz en el video!

  7. daniel says:

    que preciosura esta nenita, un gran abrazo a los padres!!!!
    god Bless!!!

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