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I know Easter was a while ago, but setting this page/blog wasn’t that easy for me so I got a little behind on the stuff I wanted to post.

Our family and friends left the city but since we can’t yet go anywhere with Amanda we stayed home resting, watching movies and playing, (and of course Juandi played golf).  The good part about staying almost alone in the city was that Amanda had the building park all to herself; this means not having to share the swings, not worrying about footballs landing on her face, no sick kids around (we love kids looking at Amanda, but we do have to be careful if they seem sick), and overall it was pretty nice and quiet so she took her naps down there while getting some fresh air.

About the swings, she loves them! And I stop and I count 1, 2, 3 and when I’m at 3 she smiles because she knows something is going to happen.  Sometimes I trick her and when I count to 3 I don’t really swing, just move a little bit and she smiles even more.  Amanda doesn’t have the strength to giggle, but sometimes she lets out a little noise and that means she’s cracking up!  Even though I can’t see her face while we swing, I hear her making that little noise and I know she is really laughing (the people watching us keep me informed on what face she is doing :)

Saturday morning her nanny said, well if everyone is at the beach Amanda can be at the beach too! So she took out her bikini, wrap around, towel, beach balls and all the stuff she could find and we dressed her and did a photo shoot! The pictures are way too cute!!  As her grandma called her when she saw the pictures, she is a little Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

We didn’t do any of the typical Easter stuff…I kind of regret that now, but I figured since she has no clue what Easter is, what was the point…should have done it for my pleasure though!! Maybe I’ll do it sometime soon even if its not really Easter, I would probably find some stuff on sale so that’s a plus!!  Here are a few pictures and a video of Amanda’s Easter…enjoy!


Miss Hawaiian Tropic


Amanda swinging



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  1. Victoria Strong says:

    So adorable! I love that you swing together! And her bikini picture is too cute!!!

  2. Ana Isabel says:

    Miss Hawaiian Tropic es un detalle, que foto mas linda…

  3. Cristi says:

    Que linda Amanda con su bikini y su outfit gozando su primer Easter!! Este blog esta buenisimo! te felicito

  4. Teresa says:

    Amanda es una muñeca!!! Qué bella está en todas estas fotos con todos sus outfits.

  1. EASTER 2012 » Amanda Cardoze says:

    [...] Easter I wanted to do something special with Amanda as last year she was only 8 months old and we did nothing Easter related…she still doesn’t know [...]

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