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Amanda has been in Heaven for one year.  It really seems like yesterday I last kissed her, held her hand and found myself trying to save her life the morning of May 13th 2012.  There will be mass today and I appreciate all the people that have asked me about it, but for me that’s not as important as all the lessons or journey with her taught us.  I want people to remember her, your kids to remember her, because she existed and we need to know people remember her.  Amanda taught us not to worry about the little things that we all worry about all the time; she gave us perspective.  She struggled for every breath and sometimes we struggle because we don’t have anything to wear or something didn’t go as planned in our perfect day…really?  We get upset because our kids make us really tired and we want time off…when you feel like that (and I include myself) we need to remember all the parents who have lost their child and wish they could hold them one more time.  Our lives get hectic and we want to go out, do things and we forget to sit for hours and just watch our babies and kids do the smallest of things that Amanda and many kids could never do.  She taught us to be better parents for our future kids and she taught us not to take life and health for granted.  She also taught us that if a child is born with any disease/retardation etc its ok because you will love him/her as much and life will go on and you will learn to live with that and rejoice in the smallest of things your child can accomplish.  So today, I wish everyone, me included, can count their blessings, stop complaining about the small things, and most of all give your kids a big, big hug and be happy that they are here to make your life happy and impossible sometimes ;)

Amanda, please visit us and send us signs; we need to know from you.  We love you and we always will…you are our little Angel in Heaven!


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