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Last week Amanda was invited to a Dora themed birthday party.  I knew she would enjoy it as she is obsessed with Dora thanks to Nick Jr showing it almost 24/7. But this birthday wasn’t only special because she got to meet Dora in person, but because it was the first time I see her happily “participating” in her own way in the party animation.  As Amanda gets older she gets to be more aware of things going on around her and she gets to enjoy them more.  Being older also brings new worries as she will someday start to realize her huge limitations, she will wonder why she is different and she will most likely  get frustrated–but none of this seems to be happening yet.  When the clown and Dora asked the kids to clap I would clap with her and she smiled; she observed what the other kids were doing and she smiled again and again (I can’t really tell you what the kids and clown were doing as I was too busy watching her and absorbing the moment).  Dora even came over and touched her hand…she wasn’t sure about making contact with her hand, but loved seeing her in person.  This was the best time she’s had at a birthday party so far and I can’t wait for more moments like these :)

With friends...

Meeting a very happy new friend...

Meeting Dora!


With Dora stuff...thanks Amelie!



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